Pre-Wedding Questionnaire

This is often a parent, MOH or Best Man!

A salon appointment for Hair/Beauty/etc.

Don't forget to include the formality and order of entry and exit for you and your bridal party!

How will your bridal party enter? Will there be a dinner, dance, cake cutting, etc?

This is a list of specific shots/poses you would like that are beyond the normal wedding poses/photos!

This is a list of all the families/friends you would like photos with after your ceremony! Please separate into specific photos (ie: Bride and Mom, Bride, Mom and Dad, Bride and Dad) Note: each group added will take approximately 2-3 minutes.

This is someone nominated to help round up the folks you'd like photos with! They will be in charge of finding guests and getting them lined up for their photo with you!

Children/ Parents/ A specific guest!

Tell me all about your plans, colours, style, etc! I'd love to see all of your Pinterest dreams and help make your day feel like a fairytale!