Hi! I am Olivia.

A travel photographer based in Edmonton, AB.

I am so excited you're here.

What I value:

My approach to capturing playful, intimate images is through connection and comfort. I connect best with the modern, laid back and in love. Connection is important to me because before your photographer, I'm your friend and your support through your entire process, and likely long after!

A bit about me

I am 26 years old, married to my best friend that I've been with for over 9 years and have known for 20 years (crazy, right!?), a new mom to the sweetest baby boy and dog mom to our energetic doodle named Gus. As a family we love to adventure, and find ourselves spending much of our free time travelling or exploring in the mountains.

I'd be rich if I had a penny for every time I wasn't able to make it through a full movie without falling asleep on the couch and if you've seen Melissa McCarthy's singing in the car scene from the movie Identity Thief, it would basically summarize what a road trip with me looks like!

So if you're a couch napper, love trips to your fav Winners/HomeSense or sneaking the occasional new plant into your house, I can already tell ya we're going to be pals!

Why Photography?

I don't necessarily have a life changing, inspirational moment that led me to photography. Instead I've had many average moments in life that I just wish were documented. There is a large portion of my life undocumented and I think about that a lot.

After getting married, I bought a camera and decided to "be better" at photographing our lives, adventures and every day fun. It wasn't long until I took that camera everywhere (RIP to my husband who is not a fan of getting his photo taken lol). I enjoy the freedom to be creative within my storytelling, and thought "wow, imagine if I could document more stories than just my own"!

Fast forward to now, not only am I documenting my life's greatest treasures and sweetest moments, but I have the opportunity to share my passion and creative mind by photographing others and helping preserve their memories too.

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Two of my fav family photos taken by Red Bloom Photography

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