Are you wanting to elope in Alberta's breathtaking Rocky Mountains?

If you're planning to say "I do" surrounded by jaw dropping peaks with nature as your witness, I get it. My husband and I did the same thing 3 years ago! Our day involved limited guests, ourselves, a best friend to officiate and the stunning scenery around us. Since then I've taken thousands of photographs for other couples and have helped plan absolutely epic love days. I'd love to help you do the same!

Benefits of Eloping

Eloping can come with many benefits, a huge benefit being cost. On average, couples who elope can expect to save up to 60-90% of the national average cost of a traditional wedding. If you're thinking you might be sold on saving money, it gets better. Couples who eloped have reported the main benefit being that they got to prioritize their wants and needs on their wedding day, leaving them feeling more satisfied with how they spent their day together.


If you live in Alberta, you know that winters and shoulder seasons in the mountains involve drastically changing temperatures and unpredictable mountain conditions. For the best experience I recommend planning your elopement between the months of June and October!


Things to consider when planning where you want to have your ceremony are the scenery, accessibility, and privacy. Starting with scenery, you'll want to really lean into where you envision your ceremony taking place. Is it beside water, on a mountain top, or maybe in a secluded valley? Once you know the landscape you'd like to be surrounded by you'll want to consider locations that offer what you're wanting and are accessible to you based on your comfort level with hiking/walking/other transportation. Finally, consider how much privacy you'd like on your day. If the location you want is heavily trafficked, you might want to consider planning for a weekday, sunrise, or sunset to avoid large crowds.

If we're working together you're in luck because epic locations are my bread and butter. We'll craft an amazing adventure tailored to you from a large variety of location options. The best location for you might involve hiking, a helicopter, driving or all three, but don't worry - I'll also organize our transportation if we need it! Specific locations that I scout are reserved for my amazing clients, but the majority of my favourite locations are nestled within the beautiful places below.

  • Kananaskis
  • Banff National Park
  • Nordegg
  • Jasper National Park

A Quick GuIDE to planning your Elopement FROM SCRATCH:

  1. Set your budget
  2. Create a priority list
  3. Book your vendors
  4. Choose your location and outfits
  5. Say "I do"


To set an appropriate budget you need to do three things:

  1. Determine your 'ideal budget'
  2. Find inspiration for your elopement
  3. Research the average cost for the travel and services you're wanting to book

If your research indicates that your day will exceed your budget, you can decide together to adjust your budget or adjust your location/services. Voila! Now you have a budget!

Costs to consider are:

  • Travel, accommodations and meals
  • Permits and location fees
  • Ceremony attire
  • Photography/Videography
  • Officiant
  • Florals
  • Hair and makeup
  • Rings


It's important to know and stand by what you value most. For example if you've chosen a date that is very sentimental to you, you need to find a photographer and other vendors available on that date. But if getting your dream photographer is most important to you, your date might be flexible so that you can work with them.

Creating a list will help you determine an order to follow when inquiring with and booking your vendors.


When eloping, your most important vendors will be your photographer and your officiant! Booking these services with as much notice as possible will help guarantee your top picks are available to you. It's also important to ensure your vendors are licensed for the areas they are serving as parks usually require additional permits and insurance from them.

Remember that with eloping there is no rule book. While some couples prefer to elope with minimal vendors and focus on the adventure, some may invest in many vendors to help with the planning workload and create a unique experience. Elopement and wedding vendors are often experts at their craft, making them a great resource to hire if you prefer to have someone you trust help take care of your day! Additional vendors/services you might like are:

  • hair and makeup artist
  • videographer
  • florist
  • helicopter tour company
  • catering/meal service
  • planner
  • couples massage/spa service


If you're working with me, you probably already know I've got you covered! Think of your location as the setting in your story, it's so important we hand select the best suiting place for you so that you can be connected with one another and the atmosphere. Being in a place that you love will help you feel like you on your day, and give you the best memories after.

After you book I'll show you some of Alberta's very best locations so you don't have to waste time scouting or researching yourselves.

Once your location is set, it's time to choose your outfits. Consider the environment you'll be in and select attire appropriate for your day, the temperature and most importantly, select something you love.

If your location involves more than a short walk from your vehicle or a helicopter, consider packing your wedding attire and wearing hiking clothes until we reach our spot.

05. Say "I do"

The easy part! It's time to let all of that planning pay off and share the most amazing, intimate day with your partner.


Announcing your elopement to family and friends can be exciting and intimidating! If you choose to share the great news, consider making a plan ahead of time. Some wonderful ideas to get you started are:

  • plan a visit to tell family/friends in person
  • have reveal party
  • send a card
  • a group video call
  • share a photo on social platforms or via text

Still have questions about if an elopement is right for you?

Shoot me an email at or fill out the form below and I'll help with all of your questions and planning!

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