Family Lifestyle Photography in Kananaskis, AB.

Psssst. I have one sneaky photo tip for all of my mountain going families that will help you get dreamy summer evening photos like this without keeping your littles up way past their bedtime!

If you're from Alberta, you already know that the sun sets LATE during the summer. Like waaaaay late. So you can imagine that trying to time dreamy sunset photos with small children can bring on many challenges, the biggest one being interrupting bed time!

So, if you're a fellow mountain loving fam, I have the best hack for you!

Schedule your family photos in the mountains this year. Here's why! The best time for evening photos in the mountains isn't sunset, it's actually about 3 hours before because those big beautiful rockies are going to block the sun long before it gets to setting on the horizon! Each photographer will have ideal start times (or not) based on their own preferences and style. So a great starting point would be to chat with them (or me I hope!), find a location that has mountains in the west, set your time to something that works for all parties and create some magic!

These photos were taken at 5:30pm because that's what worked best for everyone! We did have overcast weather but even if the sun was out, it still would have been absolutely stunning! As usual for me, we let the children guide our mini session and purely focused on having fun during our time together. The results were so beautiful, everyone was so happy and now this adorable family has a gallery full of photographs to cherish.

Take me to the mountains!

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Thanks so much, can't wait to chat soon!