Ugh seriously just the most incredible and fun couple in one of their favourite places for the last time before a huge move and new life adventure! Kyra + Matthew's connection in every photo is just so undeniable, and I hope you love these images as much as I do.

These two braved the early morning wake up for a sunrise session in the mountains and it was nothing short of incredible! I am a total sunrise lover and early riser so if you're ever thinking about sunrise photos, I'm your gal! They are always an absolutely dream for me to photograph! Plus the light is truly just *chef's kiss* - and yes somehow it is different than sunset. I don't make the rules haha!

If you follow along over on my instagram page @oliviaryanphoto you may have already seen a few of my reasons for why sunrise sessions are so great, but just incase you didn't I'll quickly share them again!

  1. You almost always get your entire location to yourselves! So if you're shy, want wide open space, or just want to soak in the quiet with your love - this might be a great option for you!
  2. For the purposes of this post, we're talking about summer which means you'll beat the heat and a lot of the bugs! This gives you so many more options for outfits, hair styling, etc! Bonus: You won't be sweating too much or swatting nearly as many bugs away from your face!
  3. If you're an anxious person (cough.. cough.. like me) it is honestly just so nice to get your big important things done early on so that your entire day doesn't revolve around them. By having your photos at sunrise, you spend the rest of your day stress free!

If that didn't convince you that sunrise photos are the bomb, I'll let this gallery convince you! Happy scrolling!

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