August 20th, 2022

A beautiful day with even more beautiful people! Mackenzie and Joe share a passion for outdoors and adventuring in the mountains, so what better way to hold their wedding than in Jasper, AB surrounded by nature and 16 of their closest friends and family members? I promise, there was no better way! This day was one to remember.

"Becoming the Shaw's"

The Shaw's Wedding day was modern and simplistic. In their planning process they curated a day that prioritized their love for one another and the significance that their marriage would hold. Every single detail was sentimental, and every guest was someone near and dear to their hearts.

Mackenzie started her morning surrounded by her and Joe's family. I could tell within minutes of being in their presence that morning that despite not having married Joe yet, his family was already her own. Any promise Mackenzie would make to Joe later that afternoon would also be a promise to each and every person he held close to his heart, because she held them just as close to hers.

I could go on FOREVER and write every detail about this absolutely stunning day, but instead I'll follow their lead of simple, yet sentimental and write this.

The day? Full of joy, laughter and so many tears!

Their love? Unconditional and pure.

The moments? Forever memorable!

The Shaw's and their family are inviting people who I feel absolutely honoured to have worked with and now consider my friends. Congratulations, Mackenzie and Joe.

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