September 3rd, 2022

From the moment I met Amanda over the phone, I was beyond excited for the Muirhead Wedding! She had planned the coolest day to celebrate their marriage while incorporating all of the things they love most!

Their connection with one another, bond with their 4 children and love for live music was like no other! Amanda's vows were actually written out of song lyrics from multiple songs that best described her love for Matt! How stinking cute is that!?

Just as I was about to leave, the live band showed up to kick off the party, and you could tell it was going to be a blast! I would have loved to stay out with this fun crew all night, but mom duties called so I had to leave and get home to my 3 month old baby!

Something that really resonated with me on the drive home from their wedding was that family doesn't have to be blood related. While Matt and Amanda had plenty of relatives present, they also had an entire village of life long friends whom they considered family. Each and every person at this huge and beautiful wedding was so important to them and once you saw them mingle, it wasn't hard to tell that Matt and Amanda meant the world to them too!

Congratulations, Matt and Amanda. Not only on your marriage but for building a beautiful life surrounded by people you love!

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