Do you have an upcoming family or motherhood session?

Here are a few things you can do to ensure the occasion runs smoothly!


Preparation is key to a smooth running day! Especially when you're trying to get more people than just yourself ready. Planning your outfits, hair ideas and googling your driving distance to your location before the day of your photos are all great ways to help lighten your load on the day of!

If it's looking like your session might fall within nap or snack time, consider how you are going to arrange for that. It's important that everyone is well-rested and fed!

Motherhood Photograph

Make it fun

Your little(s) will pick up on your body language quickly, so the best way to have them feeling comfortable and happy during your photo session, is for you to demonstrate that you're comfortable and happy, too.

Play with, love and comfort them.

Not only will this method be way more likely to generate smiles and giggles throughout your session, you'll get honest photographs of your parenting journey.

Fall Family Photos

Embrace being yourselves

Sometimes things may not go exactly as you had planned and that is okay. The most important thing you can do is go with the flow.

Take a deep breath. Remember why you've chosen to get photos done. Admire your partner and your children, and allow me to capture YOU and the special connection you share.

Your photo session with me is not a place where you have to apologize for misbehaviour, hold your children back from running free or force a smile in my direction.

Your photo session with me is a time to embrace each moment, move, laugh and lovingly look at the family you've created.

Remember that how your children interact with you is descriptive of the stage you're in together at this time. While every stage is different, they are all beautiful. Let's focus on capturing that!

Fall family photos

That's a wrap!

I hope these three easy tips will help you with your upcoming photo session. Remember, the best way to get sentimental photographs of this time in your lives is to model the actions you'd like to see from your children and most importantly just embrace being you!

To talk about booking a motherhood, childhood or family photo session, please fill out the form below! I can't wait to hear from you and create amazing photographs you'll love.